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Volumetric Format Association

The leaders in video technology are defining the future of interactive volumetric gaming, broadcast, and streaming.

Our Work

VFA is leading the way to a unified ecosystem of companies and technologies by defining a set of open specifications that encourage partnership and collaboration while reducing fragmentation for the industry.

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Our members are the titans of video capture, broadcast, and delivery.  With membership levels for Enterprises, Innovators, and Adopters, VFA has a role for all companies on the cutting edge of video technology.

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VFA Launch PR

VFA founding member companies are launching the Volumetric Format Association, the first industry association dedicated to ensuring interoperability across the volumetric video ecosystem.

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VFA Kickoff

Our Mission

Unlock innovation, technology sharing, and market adoption in the volumetric ecosystem by bringing together companies from different verticals to work together to establish a collection of specifications that will drive adoption of volumetric capture, processing, encoding, delivering, and playback.

Our Goals

  • Define the leading industry format for volumetric video.
  • Promote interoperability within and across industry verticals.
  • Leverage the expertise of thought leaders in each industry vertical.
  • Provide an environment for open collaboration from device manufacturers to content studios.
  • Develop a set of specifications that enable seamless integration across verticals to accelerate product deployment and global adoption.
  • Educate businesses and consumers on volumetric content.

Our Work

Our primary work product is a library of consensus-driven, industry-endorsed technical specifications.

VFA membership allows companies to share intellectual property within the confines of the organization while protecting the value of that IP.  The VFA Technical Steering Committee has defined four initial working groups to begin the work of building end-to-end specifications:

  • Capture Acquisition
  • Interchange of Data
  • Decode & Render
  • Persistent Metadata

3D content experiences across sports, entertainment, productivity, enterprise services, and more are fast becoming a reality.  We are working to make that reality accessible and practical by developing specifications that will be a catalyst for industry growth.  To that end, we invite innovative companies in the volumetric ecosystem to join us.   We welcome input, creativity, and collaboration as we pioneer a new medium.

Meet the visionary companies behind the Volumetric Format

The VFA Founding Members have come together to launch the premiere industry organization for volumetric format video.

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From semiconductor suppliers to camera manufacturers to studios to home entertainment innovators, if your company is a visionary at the bleeding edge of volumetric format technology, you need to be a part of VFA. Get started by filling out our membership application today!

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What our members are saying…

Canon is confident that volumetric video technology will enable the world to enjoy sports and entertainment more in many ways that have never been experienced before, and we have high expectations for the results of VFA standardization.
Atsushi Date, Canon

The VFA is an important step in democratizing end-end volumetric video solutions, enabling global supply chains and supporting interoperable solutions and innovation.

Lynn Comp, Intel

Accelerated computing technology is pushing the boundaries of virtual experiences and bringing together partners to evolve the ecosystem as a whole will be critical to achieving the next generation of AI-driven 3D content.

Bob Pette, NVIDIA

RED is proud and excited to be part of the Volumetric Format Association. As a member of the VFA, we will continue to re-define previously held standards of overall image quality, resolution and camera performance in order to provide the best possible images for creators and innovators to work with

Brian Henderson, RED

The Volumetric Format Association is leading the way in how content, especially in sports and M&E, is being presented, and we are seeing the biggest shift since B+W went to color

Tian Pei, Unity

As board members of the Volumetric Format Association, ZEISS strives to abridge the current adoption barriers within the motion picture industry and beyond.

Snehal Patel, ZEISS

Verizon’s proud to be driving force behind creating this group which we believe will be crucial to laying the foundation for future innovation using volumetric video.

Denny Breitenfeld, Verizon

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Technology Leaders Establish the Volumetric Format Association

Leading companies across the volumetric video ecosystem come together to ensure interoperability and industry growth.


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